Submit your work to SALIMA Issue 03!

If you spend any time with the magazine team (and the FCCW staff in general), you’ll notice that everyone is a pretty big foodie! Whether swapping fun recipes or sharing our favorite restaurant recs, we love exploring all facets of the thriving food cultures within and beyond Los Angeles. As culinary griot Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor writes in her book Vibration Cooking: or, the Travel Notes of a Gechee Girl, “Food changes into blood, blood into cells, cells change into energy which changes into is life.” Inspired by this spirit, the theme for Issue 3 is FEED!

Our desire is to highlight folks who nourish our communities. As always, we welcome both literal and metaphorical approaches to the theme. We’re interested in everything from stories on chefs who offer intimate pop-ups and other culinary experiments, to artists and organizers who create projects and initiatives that center our emotional, spiritual, and holistic well-being. How do we feed into systems and networks in ways that affirm our experiences while also disrupting the status quo?

We see FEED as an action—

a call, an invitation to explore what sustains your sense of self, your relationships, environment, critical thoughts, dreams, hopes, histories. We’d love submissions that grapple with specific conversations swithin culinary spaces as well as work that imagines radical approaches to health and wellness.

All content submissions must be sent through [[this]] form. The open call for submissions will close on Monday, November 15.

For more information on our sections and idea prompts, check out our submission form, and if you have any questions, about submissions or the magazine in general, contact the SALIMA team at All submissions must be submitted via our form by Monday, November 15 at 11:59 pm PT.