︎︎︎Mission Statement

SALIMA is a place of refuge and inspiration where these perspectives are empowered, celebrated, and invested in. SALIMA works to reshape creative conversations and critical dialogue, circulating tools and ideas to help us imagine ourselves beyond isolation and scarcity thinking, and towards abundance, connection, collaboration, and care. We see this offering as one more FCCW platform that supports creative production and the redistribution of resources throughout our interconnected network, all while making stylish, thoughtful, and revolutionary content available to a much wider audience.

Toni Cade Bambara said that the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible — SALIMA is our enticing offering to the revolution.


︎︎︎About the Feminist Center for Creative Work

The Feminsit Center for Creative Work is an intersectional feminist arts organization that produces and platforms the work of BIPOC, queer and trans, low-income, and disabled women and nonbinary artists; creates transformative media through a feminist lens; redistributes resources; develops anti-oppressive alternatives to traditional business and nonprofit ways of working; and offers opportunities for the holistic building and support of creative community in person and online. Become a member to support SALIMA MAGAZINE or learn more about other FCCW programs and projects.


︎︎︎Thank you for your interest in SALIMA and the Feminist Center for Creative Work!

When you buy an issue or subscribe to the magazine, you’re not only giving us the chance to create a smart, beautiful publication, you’re also creating opportunities for us to highlight the perspectives of communities who are traditionally ignored by mainstream media. Plus, your support allows us to pay contributors for their valuable work and redistribute your/our resources. Your contributions are the lifeline of SALIMA — they support our artists, contributors, team members as well as funding our print studio.

We’re challenging white supremacist conceptions of who and what can be represented in a glossy art magazine. We also love print and the feeling of physically engaging with printed art objects—it is one way of staying connected and sharing stories with each other. But in all honesty, sustaining a print publication is no easy task! We are grateful for every bit of support you can offer in helping us to meet the cost of printing the thoughtful publication we strive to bring to our community!