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Issue 02: Unplugging


For our second issue, SALIMA is celebrating the art and musings of BIPOC youth (ages 19 and under)! We asked our contributors to respond to the theme of UNPLUGGING, and they did not disappoint. In Issue 02, we chat with Laurel Bandy about TikTok, catch a beat with The Lindas Lindas, feature photography from Las Fotos Project, and get real about emotional disconnection with Imani Allah. Plus an interview with Compton G.IRLS Club founder Chrystani Heinrich, unplugging tips from The Word Witch, poetry, visual art, a word puzzle, and more!

118 p., 8.5 x 11 in.

Pay What You Wish

Issue 01: Emergence


For our first issue, SALIMA is exploring the many meanings of EMERGENCE. Our theme was inspired by the writings of adrienne maree brown and Octavia Butler. In Issue 01, we talk to Ali Anderson of Feed Black Futures about food sovereignty, share images from the first 7 years of FCCW, discuss club culture with Russell E.L. Butler and Miah Benton, and answer crowdsourced questions! Plus an essay by Anaïs Duplan, tarot forecast by Danielle Dorsey, winter recipes, youth art, crossword puzzles and more!

118 p., 8.5 x 11 in.

Pay What You Wish

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