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Thank you for your interest in SALIMA and the Women’s Center for Creative Work!

When you buy an issue, subscribe and donate to the magazine, you’re not only giving us the chance to create a smart, beautiful publication, you’re creating opportunities for us to highlight the voices and perspectives of communities who are traditionally left out of mainstream media. Plus, we get the added benefit of paying contributors for their valuable work and redistributing your/our resources. Your contributions are the lifeline of SALIMA — they support our artists, team, contriubtors, and fund our print studio.

We’re aiming to challenge white supremacist conceptions of who and what can be represented in a well-designed and curated, printed art magazine. We want to impart the sense of permanence and resonance that can happen when you physically carry with you the art and stories of people who share your ideas and identities. That said, sustaining a print publication is no easy task. We are grateful for every bit of support you can offer in helping us to meet the cost of printing the thoughtful publication we strive to bring to our community!